Our Motor Coaches

Our Fleet

Gray Line of Tucson’s fleet consists of late model MCI coaches which are kept at their peak efficiency at our on-premises maintenance shop and buswash. All of our coaches are meticulously cleaned between uses and are the cleanest on the road. Our company is fully insured, which is a benefit to any of our clients dealing with the public. We also feature Sprinter Vans and Mini-Coaches.

Our Drivers

Gray Line has set the standard for motorcoach drivers.We vigorously research their backgrounds before hiring, and they are put through a rigorous training and vetting process by our safety director before they are put behind the wheel! When working with our company, expect uniformed, courteous and professional drivers. From the time Lisa takes your call to the last move, your group is always in good hands.


We have instituted policies and procedures intended to protect our passengers and employees. Our Drivers and staff have been trained in Covid-l9 safety guidelines, cleaning and sanitizing instructions for the vehicles and facility.

Drivers will use the wall mounted thermometers to record their temperatures as part of the pre-trip procedure. Drivers will wear masks while on duty and ask that passengers boarding do likewise. As always, Gray Line strives to remain in compliance with all local regulatory guidelines, and masks are currently required within the city of Tucson. We have installed Hand Sanitizer units at the entrance and lavatory of every bus, plus a mounting near the wheelchair lift on those vehicles equipped as such.

Cleaning our vehicles:

We use CDC disinfectants approved for safeguarding against the Human Coronavirus. The seats are misted with Maguard 5626, registered under EPA number 10324-214. Subsequently, all hard surfaces are wiped down with CDC approved 70% Isopropyl Alcohol disinfectant. Finally, our motorcoaches are fogged with Anasphere Plus, which eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses on all surfaces. Anasphere Plus is friendly to the environment.

We are family owned and operated for 104 years, and in all that time your safety and wellbeing has always been our primary concern- customer or staff!