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    Since 1916, Gray Line of Tucson has been showing the world Tucson and all its wonders through our group tours. Gray Line has also been a pioneer in charter transportation, working with companies, area schools, churches, associations and hotel groups.

    Our primary concern is always safety: Our fleet consists of late model MCI coaches which are kept at peak efficiency by our in-house mechanics. Our maintenance is meticulous, and our drivers set the standard for excellence in service. There is a reason we are widely considered to be Tucson’s preeminent transportation company.

    When groups in Arizona need charter motorcoach services, the first name they think of is Gray Line Tours. We have been transporting every type of group for over 100 years.

    Safety/Covid Response

    Safety is our Top Priority. In response to the onset of the Covid-l9 Pandemic, we instituted policies and procedures intended to protect our passengers and employees. As recommended by the CDC, anyone exhibiting signs of Covid-l9 (i.e., fever, respiratory distress, etc.) will stay home. We recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with the CDC guidelines. For the most part, we follow their guidelines.

    Our Drivers will wear a mask while on duty and ask that passengers boarding do likewise; our vehicles will be constantly cleaned and sanitized.

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