The Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its 104th birthday this year. But the Grand Canyon itself has been around for much longer. The earliest trace of human activity in the canyon dates back 12,000 years ago!

Are you planning on visiting the Grand Canyon with your friends and family this year? If so, you may need help planning your trip.

At Gray Line, we’ve been transporting people to and from the Grand Canyon for over 100 years. We’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks along the way. Keep reading this guide for our expert advice on group travel to the Grand Canyon.

How to Get to the Grand Canyon

The best way to get your group to the Grand Canyon is with the help of a charter company. Chartering a bus means you can get to your destination for a lower cost compared to traveling individually.

Travel safely with a trained driver who has experience traveling long distances. And save money on parking and time commuting to and from the parking lot since the driver can give you front-row service.

Plus, you’ll be doing Mother Earth a favor. Bus charters produce much lower carbon emissions than a group of individual vehicles, even if you carpool or travel by plane.

Where to Stay at the Grand Canyon

When you visit the Grand Canyon, you have two options for accommodations. You can either stay at a local hotel or reserve a spot at a campground. Your options depend on which part of the Grand Canyon you plan to visit.

For example, the Grand Canyon East Rim does not have hotels nearby. The only option is the Desert View Campground. The Grand Canyon North Rim is similar, though it does have one hotel option: Forever Resorts.

The Grand Canyon West and South Rims are the places to go if you want to stay in a hotel. The South Rim, in particular, offers multiple options in all price ranges. The Holiday Inn Express is affordable, while the Grand Hotel is pricier.

What to Do at the Grand Canyon

Hiking and camping may be the most popular activities at the Grand Canyon, but they aren’t the only ones. You can also partake in whitewater rafting or boating in the Colorado River or Lake Mead.

The Grand Canyon is also home to multiple biking trails. You can even rent your bike at the Grand Canyon Visit Center instead of towing it along with you on your charter bus.

Guided tours and mule rides are two other popular activities Grand Canyon visitors can enjoy. If outdoor activities aren’t your style, check out the Historic South Rim Village to learn about the Hopi people who call the canyon home.

Visiting the Grand Canyon? Book a Gray Line Charter Bus

The Grand Canyon gets millions of visitors each year, meaning the roads, hotels, and trails will be crowded. We hope these tips help you travel safely and quickly when visiting the Grand Canyon.

Are you looking for a charter bus for your upcoming trip? Contact Gray Line today to book your charter service!